by Serina Gousby



Founded on August 1st, 2017, what started as just a moment to use my voice, The Rina Collective formed into a place where I’ve expressed my vulnerability and transparency through my experiences, ranging from depression, PCOS, self-love, travel, to music playlists.

My name is Serina Gousby, and I’m a poet and writer from Massachusetts. I love R&B music, I’m an ambivert, and an occasional reader. Aside from writing blog posts and poetry, my day job is working as a Development professional and community organizer at a non-profit organization. I’ve been writing publicly since I was 15, and performed at places like Suffolk University, HUBWeek, Boston Poetry Marathon, and Literary Death Match. For more information on recent interviews, performances, and writing, you can find my publications here.

As I continue to evolve and grow in this world as both a Black woman and a writer, this blog helps me dig through necessary healing and continuous joy, and I’m so excited to see what more I can do on this platform. Thank you for reading, and also follow me on social media below!

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