by Serina Gousby

This blog initially started as a public diary to share my struggles and successes, and then soon blossomed into a platform to reach out and help others through my personal experiences and interests. I love literature, I enjoy music, and my journey is all about personal growth…so I write about everything, collectively.

The name of the blog is influenced by the Dark Room Collective, a network of African-American poets and writers, led by Harvard undergraduates between 1988-1998. Read more about them on my Instagram post.

Serina Gousby is a writer, poet, and founder of The Rina Collective blog. She is the Development Associate and Boston Writers of Color Group Coordinator at GrubStreet, a non-profit organization, and creative writing center. Serina graduated from Suffolk University, majored in English with a Creative Writing track, and minored in Black Studies. She has performed at Suffolk University, Boston Poetry Marathon, Literary Death Match, and HUBWeek. Her work is in The Suffolk Journal and Necessary Fiction.

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