The name of the blog is influenced by the Dark Room Collective, a network of African-American poets and writers lead by Harvard undergraduates between 1988-1998. Read more about them on my Instagram post.


About Serina

Serina Gousby is a writer, poet, and college graduate from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has been writing as an escape mechanism since she was 10, and started writing poems when she was 14. At first, poetry was her way to express her feelings for a crush she had when she was a teenager, but she slowly realized that her interests in rhymes, alliteration, and quickness to completing poems, sparked a hidden talent that gave her the ultimate reasons to fight through depression and trauma in her adolescence. After that, friends and classmates pushed her into doing a spoken word piece at her high school’s talent show, and she’s been occasionally performing ever since. 

Although she grew up in a diverse city, she had trouble taking pride in her dark skin and was confused on her ethnicity due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of Black History back in high school. In college, she decided to minor in Black Studies alongside her English major to further her education on African-American culture, as well as learn about her importance and pride as a Black woman. 

Now as a young adult, this blog is her platform to document her successes and pitfalls of a writer and music lover, as she navigates the next steps of her journey and life.