For My Father

by Serina Gousby

I know a man who was too broken

To heal his own seed when she needed his time

That his own battles were too great to claim her

he failed


                       To guard her


So he lost her. And she got lost

Wondering how men should even treat her

At her age every woman gave away their diamonds


                      she’s not so giving


She may never do until she finds one

soulfully deserving


13 years since she last admired him

And the famous spaghetti recipe he used to make

With Malcolm X posters on the living room wall

And Islamic books on his wooden podium


She was too young to know who they were

He never told her

How could a 10 year old ask such things


                       If she thought she knew her father

I know a woman who is too frightened

To let her father in

she has nothing left of him but a middle name, identical teeth gap,

and nightmares that replaced the good memories

he needs saving

but why wasn’t she worth saving


…But I forgive you.

just can’t hug you.

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Ledona Hentley
Ledona Hentley
6 years ago

As a daddyless daughter whose father was in, then out, then in and always out again, this touched my soul. This experience is a lifelong deal with it soul wound that another man will never be able to heal. Thanks for sharing.

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