Why I Took Two Months Off Of Social Media

by Serina Gousby

Taking a two month break from Instagram is just one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2018. Between early January and late February, I needed time to re-position my mind, and focus on the more important things that was falling apart in my life. I used social media, particularly Instagram, as an escape mechanism, a place to fantasize a better life, to have pointless discussions with people I didn’t know, and as a hobby that kept me locked in my bedroom for days. These are the red flags that determined how much Instagram was a complete distraction, and I needed to get away from it.

So, I deleted it off my phone for two months, and I slowly watched my life and mind transform to a more positive and focused position. There are five principles that helped me eliminate the fake need for social media, prepared me for the moment I will get back on it, and what I needed to work on in the real world. Here are the five:

  1. Focus On Your Well-Being
  2. Detach Yourself From Drama That Is Not Yours
  3. Refuse To Live Vicariously Through Pictures
  4. Using Social Media As An Escape Is Sometimes The Worst Thing To Do
  5. Reconnect Yourself With The Real World

To hear more about my life prior to the break, listen to me here, and skip to 8:34 for the 5 Principles:


Within a few weeks, I noticed changes in my attitude, I cared more about my well-being, I didn’t care about missing out on hot topics, I got out of my bedroom and walked around (which was a great sign of progress for me), I spent hours at a time on job searching and interviews, and I started reading the books that I could keep up with. The day I finally decided to get back on Instagram was a week after I accepted a new career position, and with that long period of time, my newly refreshed mind was ready to go back to the platform.

As of today, I’m doing pretty well with my balance between the real world and the media world. If I feel overwhelmed with information, I exit off the platform and find something else to do that’s more worthy of my time. I only use Instagram when I’m at home, and keep it uninstalled so I do not see notifications while I’m at work or with my friends and family. There are a few exceptions to the rule if I have to include something at an outdoor event in an Instagram story or post, but at most times I can take pictures without the need to share it.

This is definitely something that I recommend anyone to do, especially those who comment on every post The Shade Room or any gossip page puts up, or notice that their posts become too revealing or negative, or if their life is not in the best position and it needs their full attention. Figure out what you use social media for, and if it’s bettering your life and your career, that’s a beautiful thing. Don’t use it if does not help you feel better about yourself. Handle your business and goals because it is far more important than argue with trolls or become one. Use it to promote your business, spread positivity, or find funny comedians and motivators to fill your day like my favorites, Will Smith, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Amanda Seales. Social media platforms are luxuries that not everyone in the world can use freely, so use it wisely.

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6 years ago

This was awesome something more of us need to take notice of, it makes a huge difference in progress and brain activity even.

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