I Describe My Music Taste With These Seven Songs

by Serina Gousby

Music is my second joy next to writing, and I honestly couldn’t live without the composers, musicians, and artists who grace us with such beautiful sounds. These playlists are so fun to do because I get to share what I typically listen to, and possibly introduce you to songs you may have not heard of before. However, what I failed to make clear, was to simply explain my music taste. I could give you a bunch of songs, but it doesn’t really illustrate my mood, my personality, and the overall vibe of the week. I believe that the music we choose to listen to reflects us, and it’s scary once you think about it. The lyrics of all the music you listen to may not accurately portray your life, but it definitely paints a portion of who you are.

With that in mind, my playlists from now on will do just that. My playlists on this blog will have a central theme that you may connect to in some way. For this week, I’m describing my music taste with these songs that do a pretty good job of illustrating that. I love R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz, but simply just rhythm and meaning. It doesn’t really matter what genre of music. Sometimes I love just listening and reciting lyrics, but there are moments when I need a dance break. Speaking of dance, listen to the first song and I bet you will not stand or sit still.


1. Guy – Teddy’s Jam 2

This song reflects my love for ad-libs, funk, and old-school vibes. I love the new jack-swing style of music; it reminds me so much of House Party, and how many fun people had during that time. I can be myself when I hear music like this; forget everything that I’m going through at that moment, and completely lose myself in music. Aaron Hall really took over this song too.


2. A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour

Over time, I’ve learned that there is a type of Hip-Hop music that relaxes my mind and a type that gives me a throbbing headache. Hip Hop is simply poetry, and I adore the lyricists who mastered the craft of words and rhymes like MC Lyte, Camp Lo, Common, 2Pac, A Tribe Called Quest, J. Cole, Lil Kim, Mos Def, and Rapsody. However, I do require clean versions of albums and songs when I’m not in the mood to hear explicit language.


3. Ledisi – High

This song recently came out on Ledisi’s new album, Let Love Rule.  I’m starting to think that every Ledisi song that I fall in love with, talks about my life; so joyful and uplifting. I cling to a lot of feel-good soul music artists like Ari Lennox, Erykah Badu, Solange, India-Arie, Diana Ross, and Chaka Khan. I also love gospel music; it’s really the only genre that has the power to make me cry, but in a good way though. When I don’t usually feel my best, I have to listen to a song that sounds like this, and if that doesn’t work, silence is usually the best option for me.


4. Musiq Soulchild – Simple Things

For this song, I’m more focused on the rhythm because it adds to the message of the song.

I love hearing instruments collaborate and mix. This is why I love artists like Prince, Mint Condition, Lenny Kravitz, Raphael Saadiq, D’Angelo, and Maroon 5. The lyrics are one thing, but the production gives off a mood that words can’t.


5. Aaliyah – Try Again

I really wish Aaliyah was still here. I just enjoy her music; it has you dancing, singing, and daydreaming. I daydream the majority of the time when I listen to music, and artists like Janet Jackson, Brownstone, SWV, and Dru Hill make that easy to do.


6. Luke James – Drip

(Warning: Explicit Content)

I’ve been addicted to this song since it came out. It’s as if Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Bootsy Collins were all in a room together, and they created this masterpiece called Luke James. I love men of soul and R&B who not only celebrate love and celebrate women in their songs. This is why I love artists like The Isley Brothers, New Edition, Silk, and Tank. The soul in this form of music is so poignant.


7. Miles Davis – So What

I love this particular song because it has a lot of attitude, calmness, and ruffles in between. Definitely describes me. I’m still a young student when it comes to Jazz. No lyrics, just sounds. I’m allowed to create my own words and phrases with the emotions of the sax and piano, and I feel free. So far, I’ve listened to legends like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock. 

I hope you now have a good picture of why I love music and the type of music that’s usually coming out of my headphones. There’s so much more music and genres that I love, but we’ll get there.

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6 years ago

Great list and interesting concept to break down your taste in 7 songs I might make eps off of a formula like that

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