Songs That Put Me In A Good Mood

by Serina Gousby

In the first installment of my music playlists, which highlights favorite songs that I’ve been listening to over the course of the week, I wanted to list songs that put me in a good mood. We’ve all had bad days, and 80% I always turn to music to brighten me up. I’m usually all about feel-good music, particularly the R&B, Gospel, Jazz, and Hip Hop genres

I love YouTube so much because I’m able to find a music video or track that I haven’t heard in so long. This week, my music taste was all over the place, but they all send out positive vibes and energy that we all need to get through the day. So, let’s get to it, starting with a classic I hear all the time during family cookouts:

1. “Tell Me If You Still Care” – S.O.S Band (1983)

When it comes to music, I am all about the production and how the sound of instruments connects to the soul. As a matter of fact, I recently found out that music legends, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis wrote and produced this 1983 classic, so of course, it’s no less than amazing. A few of my favorite artists even sampled this song like Kirk Franklin, Jodeci, Mariah Carey, and Scarface. Just listen and catch yourself dancing.


2. “Come By Here” – Deitrick Haddon & Hill City Worship Camp (2017)

I feel so good when this song comes on. Deitrick’s album with Hill City Worship Camp just released this week, and every song is young and uplifting. Gospel music, regardless of the religion you practice, sure has a strong effect on changing your inner energy and you instantly feel great about yourself. I am the type of person who listens to both Gospel and “secular” music, but so many people do it as well. As long as the songs you listen to provide a great message and dismiss hate language, there’s nothing wrong with exposing yourself to all types of music and expanding your mind.


3. “Oh Jah Jah” – Eddie Murphy (2015)

Yes, you read it correctly. Eddie Murphy. Although we all know of him as this legendary comedian and actor, let’s not pretend he doesn’t have a great voice. I wasn’t around during the “Party All The Time” days (which is a very catchy song), but I’m aware that the songs he put out in the past were more like impressions rather than his own sound. However, this song and a few of his other reggae songs seem to be his authentic self. Eddie isn’t someone to put a label on and limit to just one platform. When I watch this video, I see Eddie living his best life, and enjoy spreading positive vibes through his music. I want to be at this level of self-love.


4. “If It Isn’t Love” – New Edition (1988)

Kings. This year has been so great for them, and every generation pretty much knows all of their songs because of BET’s The New Edition Story. These Roxbury legends (and Washington D.C., let’s not forget Johnny Gill) really exemplify Black boy joy and warm energy into every record and live show. 

I’m still trying to learn this dance, but one day y’all.


5. “Luchini AKA This Is It” – Camp Lo (1997)

I love Hip Hop like this, so fun and lyrically creative. This two-man group includes artists Sonny Cheeba (the one with the orange cap) and Geechi Suede. The beat and the rhythm of the lyrics blend perfectly, and I hope they are still together making music. They remind me of Starsky and Hutch with one of their outfits in the video, so stylish and so smooth.


6. “Don’t Mess With My Man” – Lucy Pearl (2000)

Raphael Saadiq is on my list of top 5 favorite artists and innovators of all time. Everything he touches is gold to me, and partnering up with Dawn from En Vogue and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest was a great move…even though it was short-lived. If you know Ed Sheeran’s song “Don’t”, this is the original. I love the sounds of the guitars, such a great touch to the production.

Well, I hope you enjoyed some of the songs here, and I hope they put you in a good mood. 

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6 years ago

Great list!! I wasn’t aware that Deitrick dropped a album I look forward to his music mos def will check that out.

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